Today was an unusual day. T slept in until almost 730am without waking up to pee. She was groggy when she woke up nevertheless.

Then she didn’t want to nap at 1pm. It was already 2pm when she didn’t fall asleep. By 245pm, I decided to leave the house and go give my finger prints done. We went to the library and she passed out at 5pm in the car. She napped for 30 mins and she woke up crying for a bit.

Is she growing out of naps??? Probably not if she fell asleep at 5pm?

M definitely is growing out of naps and can last 12 hour days. He’s five.

I’m drained but at least I went to the track and ran/jog/stroll for four laps (30 mins).

Now it’s time to go home.

I need to lose weight but I have no will power.


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