New routine since Sept 2017

On days that I work, he goes to after school care. 

There are a bunch of kids there.

He’s picked up habits and words that is shocking for us as parents to hear.

Tonight he wacked D in the face with his shirt. We sent him outside. He cried. Sigh. 

Lack of sleep makes kids do crazy things. He woke up at 630a. Today and bedtime at 730pm. He’s tired. No naps.

I come home to shower, rush to get dinner ready, pick M up or T up. Give them a juice. 

They come home and I shower them. It’s always a battle. They don’t want to do it especially M. I understand he needs to decompress. 
We eat dinner, play a little bit and I get him ready for bed by 8p. I really try to aim for 745pm to be in bed.

Thursday dinner is seaweed roll night with fried egg, rice, seaweed


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