M’s speech and etc

D has been hard on him. 

Tells M he needs to look at people for eye contact when talking. Needs to say good morning to teacher with eye contact. M struggles with that and I get the frustration. 

I decided to continue him with Friday speech. Although I was reluctant about it since we don’t get to do Friday activities together. At least someone such as a speech therapist can monitor him for improvement and such. It’s good for T too. 

The sounds he needs to work on:

Shirt sounds like short

Church sounds like “cha-urch”.

Spech therapist said those combination sounds will come later. 

As for getting along with sister T, sometimes they play together, sometimes he needs space. He always tell sister to say “Yes”. She follows suit. It’s cute.

They drain me more when they fight and I tell him to do something and he is unwilling.  He’s asking a lot of “whys”. 

I finally said he needs a desk so we moved it in from the garage. 


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