Major update for M/Birthday 4 years old

I really haven’t spent time writing my updates for M.  It’s 1130pm and I’m finally having some alone time despite having trouble logging into my desktop trying to find the password to update this thing.  .

I usually update on my phone which isn’t as efficient as laptop.

Anyways…this year really flew by.  We had a slapstick quick  pizza/cake with immediate family for M last year when he turned 3. I didn’t have much time to do anything since I was already back to work and having an almost 1.5 year old T to tow around just purely exhausts me.

This year of temper tantrum is wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. He will have his fits but overall he’s pretty good.  I have seen him get mad at T because she wrecks his stuff. He just needs his space. I get it.  M, you still need to be specific if someone does something to you. Address the problem specifically.

We have gone on many fun outings together.

  • visiting dad on a friday at work
  • going to explore parks
  • speech sessions 45 minutes long for the whole year (minus the summer) when we went on outings to musuems.
  • I always want to rush back so you can catch you nap
  • However…you have been missing your naps for about 4 or 5 days this past October/November.  If you miss a nap, we put you down early at 8-830pm.
  • If you take a nap, you don’t fall asleep until close to 10pm. We try to wake you up by 4pm.

You are still making sounds of “nothing” as it seems or maybe they are truck sounds. You are good with saying please or thank you. You need reminders though but still pretty consistent.  You like to eat with your left hand to guide you.  You are definitely a RIGHT hand person. You write your name out now in pre-school.


Our routines have been busy. We do speech on Monday or Friday depending if I have MOPS Church group that I recently joined in September 2016.  It meets twice a month for 2 hours. I get a break and I get to share my thoughts as a mom with other moms using the Christian faith. I am not Christian though.

On Tuesday- you go to school 1/2 day.

On Wednesday and THursday- you go for the full day.

On Friday- we have speech in the morning or if not, we go to a musuem and get to go to a library.

I’ve definitely  taking you out on more outings than your sister.

Your speech has improved but I think you can frame better sentence structures. You ask important questions. I need to diversify your interests. You still like trucks a lot.

We did 1 month of swimming with you during the summer time. It took 1 month for you not to be afraid of the water. I want to continue some swim classes with you SOON.  I just need to find the time amongst things like:

chores, errands, cooking, cleaning, driving, making sure your sister gets in a proper nap time and etc.

I love you very much. I can’t believe it’s been 4 years since i last had you come out of my belly. You are overall a good kid M.  I enjoyed making cupcakes for your school yesterday/today. You teach me to be more patience and to slow down.

I pamper you with treats like juice and cupcakes and bubbies and so much more that you dont know.

I enjoy our reading time together. I like how you pay attention and are attentive.

You dont like me to kiss our hug you anymore as well as carrying you.


Love Mommy.


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