18 month check up

She got the hep A shot.

She’s 25lb and 4 oz. ( 80 something percentile)
She’s 33 inches tall. ( 60 something percentile)

She should be saying 4-10 words now aside from mama and papa.

I told MD I was concerned so we will wait another 2 months to see if there is improvement.

Or else it will be hearing and speech evaluation.

She is still drinking alimentum formula. 2 scoops mixed with almond milk or cashew milk.

I haven’t been daring to try to cow milk or peanut on her.

She has had regular bread and eggs. She loves string cheese which I give to her once a day 1/2 stick. She doesn’t break out into hives but her skin gets a bit red splotchy and itchy.

Dad keeps her nail short.

She’s a bit of a stubborn daredevil copying brother.


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