After a 1.1 year battle of T waking up at night

D gives in and when she woke up, he brought her into our room to co-sleep.



I felt like I haven’t really blogged about my routine.

M – mops or swim with T

Tues – work

Wed – free and usually end up doing errands. Swim class for M

Thurs – work

Fri – time with T and pick M up. Soccer.

Weekend – work every other.

T – still cries and tantrums but she’s able to reason and understands how to control her emotions.

M- tough. He gets tired. Cranky. All day for him. Poor dude.

I’m proud of him though. Even though he picks up neg and pos behavior at school.


Summer has been busy

Just with the erractic schedule and M is more of a rascal even if he does full time camp, I don’t always put him there FT.

He only goes Tues and Thurs.

I wished we did more summer activities but we didn’t do as much as I wanted.

I taught in June.

July was a blur. The fog is depressing. M had VBS so I pulled him out of camp. I had also bls and ACLS renewal

Aug- we went to Mexico.

Both my kids have heavy ear wax.

We had dinner on a weekday with my dad last night.

M has been going to Chinese school on Saturday over the summer.

In June and July they had dentist appointments and allergy appointment.

I did two meal trains