Daughter duties

I’m with my dad at his apartment. He is getting a minor eye surgery. I’ll take him in.

I ditched my kids and husband to bring my dad in this morning.

My sister was in town as well for a quick work networking trip. She didn’t tell Dad she was in town. Sigh.


Stories of M and new schedule

I picked him up from after school program and he didn’t want to leave. He was having fun with his friends. He said “cancel! Swimming!!. It’s boring!!”. His crying didn’t last very long. Maybe for 10 mins? I made him a smoothie and he was fine. He did fall on the palm of his hands at recess. Then Ms M said he was crying a bit transitioning from school to after school program. So many disgruntle moodiness. I am hoping teen years are not too horrible.

I finally got them going to swimming together on the same day! No more twice a week at the pool.

It’s crazy busy at the pool though on Wednesday afternoon.


T turning 4

Pro- she loves to cuddle, she speaks Russian, she thinks M is funny. She likes dresses and hair clips.

Con- she’s stubborn, she yells back at parents, she has a streak of whining and it’s horrible when it’s bad. I sent her outside because she was groggy when she woke up along with M.

She went to Hawaii for her birthday. Lucky girl.

She celebrated three times:

Dessert – chocolate brownie

Elvins cake with chocolate

I made her homemade cupcakes. Crazy cake with vanilla frosting with sprinkles.